Joined Instagram….

I finally took the dive and joined up on Instagram (IG, the Gram).  Being that I’m a “techie”, you would have thought I’d been all over this.  But honestly, outside of work, I don’t want anything to do with more technology unless it’s advancing something with my hobbies.  I do see how you can get carried away with it as I had to stop myself from posting every little thing I was doing in my garage today.  Since I haven’t really been updating this site with posts, it seemed like IG was the way to get my ideas out there quickly.  The problem is not getting caught up in that instant gratification of today’s culture.  You post something and within minutes some you know or don’t know “likes” it and now you feel if one is good, more is better!  I’ll just make sure to stick to my motto “A little dab will do ya, but a whole lot will screw ya!”  I think I’ll put more effort into this site now that I have some social media going.  So yeah, shameless plugs, click on the Instagram or Twitter icons down below and check out the goings on’s of the goings on’s.  I’m still working on YouTube content, not ready to step up to the big leagues yet.  Come back now ya’ hear!