First off, Welcome…don’t you feel like family already?!  I’m Evin, your host for this shindig.  I’m a professional nerd, Mustang enthusiast (specifically the 87-93 Fox body Mustang), 2nd generation Dallas Cowboys fan, hunting and firearm aficionado.  I’m also a father, husband, son (in-law), brother (in-law), uncle, cousin, etc.   This space on the Interwebz is for me to share some thoughts and ramblings from the daily grind.  Hopefully I can keep it interesting as I cover things like my love of all things Fox body Mustang related (check out my build in My_Mustang), becoming a hobbyist fabricator, and all things outdoors.  Should be fun…

So you might be asking “What is a professional nerd?”  Well I’m here to tell you, it’s not as nerdy or as professional as you think.  Usually if you’re a professional, you’re either really good at something or you get paid really good at something…I’m neither.  I just like acquiring vast amounts of usable and unusable information.  I’m a firm believer that math (edt: I’m horrible with math) will save my life one day and knowing the difference between a Docker Container and a Dock Container is highly useful.  Stick around, you might learn something.

*hashtag NerdboyOnline*